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Personal Audio

Whether you want the latest iPod or a Sony mp3 player, it’s all here at Videopro’s portable audio page. Have a browse throughour range of portable mp3 players, and compare prices and products using our filter tool to the left, and the compare tool below. If you have any questions you can chat to us live or call us toll free 1300 VIDEOPRO (1300 843 367). 

At VIDEOPRO, we’re the audio visual experts, which is why we stock nothing but the best audio peripherals and personal entertainment products to help enhance your audio visual experience at home. If you have any questions you can chat to us live or call us toll free 1300 VIDEOPRO.


Looking for some new headphones?

Headspace at Videopro

Looking to buy new headphones? There is a massive range of headphones currently on the market. Some are excellent for exercising, while others are much better for relaxing while on a plane. Some headphones are designed for maximum bass! It all depends on what you want to listen to, and what you are doing while listening.

The range of Headphones at Videopro come from Australia's leading brands like BOSE, Denon, Velodyne, Sony and more. Each of them make a very complex range of headphones depending on your exact application.

Our newly developed HEADSPACE area has been designed to help you decide which headphones are right for you.

HEADSPACE goes through all of the types of headphones (In-Ear, Noise cancelling etc) and allows you to make a more informed decision when looking to purchase.

Having great headphones that not only sound good, but feel good and match your lifestyle makes all the difference. It is extremely important that the headphones you choose will be both comfortable and produce an impact when it comes to sound quality.

Visit HEADSPACE today to ensure you purchase the right headphones for you.

About Personal Audio

At VIDEOPRO, we stock a wide range of personal entertainment products including gaming accessories, digital radios, audio peripherals, iPod accessories and portable DVD players. We stock household brands such as Apple and Bose Audio, including the likes of Bose headphones and Apple iPod accessories. 

To filter through our catalogue of personal entertainment items, please use the controls in the left column. If you have any questions you can chat to us live or call us toll free 1300 VIDEOPRO.