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Television & Projectors

Welcome to VIDEOPRO. If you’re looking for a brand new, quality TV at a reasonable price, then you’ve come to the right place. We welcome you to stay a while, shop and compare our extensive range of televisions and projector screens from the market’s best brands. 

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Television & Projectors

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This is my second LG OLED, I also have a C7, which has been fantastic for the last 2 years, I have owned it. It is the good run I have had with the C7, that made me buy a second LG OLED. For the price you can get the LG for currently, they are unbeatable, when compared to other brands. Added to this, the included features and having the latest version of HDMI inputs for future proofing, make them an excellent choice. I have 3 LG TV's (1 LCD) , so am very comfortable with WebOS, this new version for 2019 is very easy to use and beats all other software available on TV's, in my opinion. The set up is very intuitive and walks you through the process very simply. I am running all devices through a receiver then into the TV via HDMI, it has a preset for Denon in the TV and everything works seamlessly. The magic remote with the pointer is simple to use. The included apps and speed of accessing them is great. I have not used the voice control much yet but so far it has been easy to set up, using the google app on my iPhone and works well. The picture is outstanding and delivers on what you expect from an OLED, I have watched Foxtel HD and Apple TV 4K Dolby Vision and the picture from both sources has been excellent. One note when setting it up, once you have slid the box off the top, make sure you have someone to hold the TV for you. While all the weight is in the bottom, the bottom part of the box and packaging will not hold the TV up and it left, it will fall over (face first) and this will be bad if on tiles or it hits something on the way down. I have always had Panasonics before moving to LG and to date, can not be happier with the change. I just feel the operating system, features, apps and included new tech put the LG ahead of the competition. The only thing I can't comment on is how good they will be long term. If they last as long as my Panasonics did, I will be a very happy customer.

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