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NVS28251000H Nexto Di

Nexto Di NVS2825-1000H Video Storage Air 1TB Hard Disk

Nexto Di NVS2825-1000H Video Storage Air 1TB Hard Disk
View 1: Nexto Di NVS2825-1000H Video Storage Air 1TB Hard DiskView 2: Nexto Di NVS2825-1000H Video Storage Air 1TB Hard DiskView 3: Nexto Di NVS2825-1000H Video Storage Air 1TB Hard Disk

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The Nexto DI 1TB NVS2825 Field Video Storage-Air - HDD provides a high-capacity portable solution for offloading, previewing and pre-editing up to 1TB of data when on location. The NVS2825 features slots for available ExpressCard 34 media such as SXS Cards, and a PCMCIA slot that accommodates P2/P2E cards. Included adapters allow you to use available SD/SDHC/SDXC, and CF media. This version features 3 x different copy modes, Fast Copy, Copy & Verify, and Safe Copy, that allow you to choose the amount of data verification used when copying files from your media card.

Using the unit's built-in LCD monitor, you can preview video from either the internal HDD, an attached media card, or an external USB HDD. The Nexto DI NVS2825 features both USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 ports for connecting to your computer. However, you can copy files directly from the unit's internal HDD to an attached USB external drive, or you can copy from your media card to both the Nexto DI NVS2825 and an attached external USB drive at the same time.

You can view clips on the unit, tag the clips as OK or NG, and add comments to clips within the unit. Then from the provided metadata the NVS2825 will generate an html index file that can be transferred to an external drive. Using the WiFi connection to your iOS device running the available app, you can also create a pre-edit of your footage, marking in/out points, which can later be utilized in a compatible NLE system to speed your edit. 

The bad sector recovery feature, enables you to use clips that may suffer from bad disk sector errors, which otherwise may have been completely unusable. With its free-fall sensor, protection protocols, and the included rubber bumpers that provide additional shock protection, the Nexto DI is built to store and protect your data. It is powered by an internal battery, includes an external battery, and the internal battery can be recharged using the AC power adapter, a car with a lighter outlet, and USB or Firewire bus power.

Supports exFAT & UDF
The NVS2825 supports the exFAT file system as well as the UDF file system in SDXC cards, allowing it to import files larger than 4GB.
Copy Modes and Performance
Fast Copy: Make a new folder and copy all the memory card data into the folder.
Copy and Verify: Same as Fast Copy, but after copying, the data on the memory card is compared with the copied data on the NVS2825 drive. Each bit is verified.
Safe Copy: Before copying data, the NVS2825 verifies that its hard drive area is safe. If a bad sector is detected, a new, safe area is found - then copying (Fast Copy) will begin.
Making a Secondary Copy to USB Hard Drive
The Nexto DI can operate as a USB Host, which allows you to copy to an attached USB drive without using a computer. The unit automatically synchronizes new files to the external USB drive, every time you attach it.
Simultaneous Multi-Copy to Internal Drive & External USB Drive
MCopy (Multi-Copy) enables mirrored data to be copied onto the unit and an external USB HDD at the same time.
You can preview your files on the built-in LCD screen, and listen to the audio via the headphone jack. Preview speed can be changed from 1x to 64x. You can preview your files directly from the unit, via a web browser, or compatible iOS devices (not included).
Supporting 802.11 b/g/n at 54 Mbps, it can connect to available iOS devices running the available mobile app.
Motion Detection
The NVS2825 displays a warning message on its LCD when it detects shakes or movement that may damage the internal HDD.
Drop Protection
The internal Free-Fall sensor turns off the power to the unit during falls, so the read/write head parks and doesn't damage the HDD.
Shock Protection
Removable rubber bumpers add shock protection to the unit, without impeding its performance or connectivity.
Bad Sector Protection
During boot up the unit displays a warning if it detects bad sectors on the internal drive. If a video folder contains a bad sector the NVS2825 recovers the video to a new folder. It copies data onto good sectors and replaces the bad data with format dependent dummy sectors. The frames that contain dummy sectors will be filled with block noises but the rest of the clip will be usable.
Success/Failure Feedback.
If an error occurs during backup, the unit displays an error message and then turns off to save battery power. When it is powered on again, it will display a status message showing the result of the previous back up, whether it was a success or a failure.
Using the NVS2825 as a Hard Drive
Supports high-speed data transfer to NLE systems via IEEE1394b (FireWire 800) or USB 3.0.
Versatile Power Options
Its built-in internal battery makes the NVS2825 a good fit for field work. The NVS2825 can also be powered by the included; external battery, AC power adapter, or bus power when connected to a computer with the included interface cables.

In The Box

  • Pair of Rubber Shock Bumpers
  • AC Power Adapte
  • Car Charger Cable
  • External Battery
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • IEEE1394b (Firewire) Cable
  • Compact Flash Adapter
  • SD Card Adapter
  • Leather Case
  • 1-Year Warranty

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