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Andy Greig - Case Study:

Andy Greig

When Andy Greig decided he wanted a simple, robust, and intuitive entertainment system for his new apartment, he turned to Videopro for help. Mr Greig and his family wanted to enjoy the comfort and security of their new luxury open plan home, and a home theatre was just the cherry on top of the cake.

Videopro’s home system specialists made sure Mr Greig had all the information and education he needed to understand his options clearly and make the decisions he wanted: “Vision – they sure had that. I needed stuff I didn’t know existed! But I’m glad I did.”

Our design team worked with Mr Greig on a completely integrated approach to the entertainment system, allowing eight separate entertainment units to be linked using Creston control systems and an AMX server. Not only this, but the spectacular home theatre featured components of the caliber of Meridian and Runco, and cinema-style seating with motion control courtesy of the D-Box system.

Other systems throughout the house included a full-HD 52-inch Sony LCD TV in the lounge-room, installed with wall mounted Boston P450 speakers, as well as a 46-inch Sony HDTV installed in the master bedroom. These TVs were setup to receive video from DVD and CD content from a four terabyte AMX MAX (media) server, and also Foxtel IQ2 plus crystal clear free-to-air HDTV. Sound is delivered through NHT in-ceiling speakers, creating the essential backbone to the home’s acoustics.

An eight inch Creston Wi-Fi touch-panel controller was set up to access all the content in the system, and control all of the home’s smart systems. Another was established in the master bedroom. This made managing the technologies easy and straightforward – exactly what Andy had asked for.

Our project delivery team put a lot of time and effort into making the system problem-free, including spending a lot of time debugging and testing at the commissioning stage of the project. The time and effort paid off - as Mr Greig said: “I can operate anything from anywhere – and it works”. A simple, intuitive, and integrated entertainment system completed, with a very happy client.


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