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Australian Catholic University Nursing Building - Case Study:

Australian Catholic University Nursing Building

The ACU Nursing building at The Australian Catholic University is a unique facility where Videopro were able to add value in design. The project was specially designed for the university, and was essentially a modern version of a simulated nursing ward and it’s associated teaching and Flexible Learning Areas.

As the trend continues to favour flexible learning areas (FLA), AV equipment is keeping up with the pace. The FLA has two high end Large Venue Projectors, Motorised 130” Screens, Bose MA12 Modular Line Area Speakers with Nexia and Autopatch Digital Signal distribution, all controller by AMX Lecterns in each room. The FLA can be used as two separate rooms, or one joined room in multiple direction formats.

The Nursing Building also features a simulated nursing ward, with TV panels at each bed/station to show live demonstrations and IP Cameras and boundary microphones to record the movements and voices of students and tutors to aid examination and revision.

This not only helps Lecturers see their students in action, but allows students to be tested in simulated-real-life situations with only cameras and audio monitoring student’s performance, not a person physically beside them. This system is particularly advantageous for students who can sometimes feel reluctant and nervous when doing practical placements in real hospital wards.

To aid education in the complex arena of surgery, a simulated operating theatre with student viewing platform was incorporated in the design and delivered by Videopro. Video streams live footage of the surgery to students sitting behind a one way mirror.


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