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If you’re in the market for a new iPod dock or radio, or need an upgraded MP3 player, let us help you sort the portable docks from the Bluetooth speakers and iPods from Walkmans. You’ll be able to make your decision in no time with this handy guide.

iPod Docks

These units are a great, smaller option to larger sound systems because they can include many different features and functions in one unit, such as radio, CD, NFC and wireless streaming. Just set-up and play!


  • Clock radio
  • Battery-powered dock
  • AV receivers
  • Micro and mini Hi-Fi systems
  • Home theatre systems


  • Compatible with most of Apple’s iPods and iPhones; newer models come fitted with a lightning adaptor as standard.


  • Can be used with non-Apple devices via 3.5mm audio jack
  • Usually need plug-in power for use, but some can have a rechargeable battery


  • Take portable dock away on trips
  • Next to your bed for use of the alarm
  • Around the house or at parties

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Bluetooth Speakers

The handy speakers are popular choice as they will work with any Bluetooth device, not just Apple products, so you can use your phone, MP3 player, tablet or computer to stream sound directly to the speakers.

Like iPod docks, you can have wired or wireless models for when you’re on the go, as well as additional features such as radio and CD.


  • Compact units
  • Home theatre systems
  • Subwoofers


  • Bluetooth compatible devices, though some may come with USB playback if you have music on a USB drive or if you don’t have a Bluetooth compatible device


  • Around the house, at parties, gym, park, work – anywhere you go

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MP3 Players

The ultimate convenient music companion is getting better every year. There aren’t just Apple iPods to choose from – Sony also makes a popular range of Walkmans which can suit every lifestyle. MP3 players and iPods may also come with MP4 functionality so you can watch videos on the go, as well as a touch-screen or waterproof, in-ear designs.



  • Shuffle – micro design without a screen, has spin wheel for play/pause/skip/volume, 2GB storage
  • Nano – slightly larger than the Shuffle, has a small colour touch screen for apps, music and video, WiFi enabled, super lightweight, 16GB storage
  • Touch – looks just like an iPhone, has larger colour touch screen that performs almost all functions of a phone: iOS 6, camera, video recording + WiFi enabled, 32GB/64GB storage
  • Classic – the original iPod with spin wheel to control colour screen, huge 160GB storage


  • W Series – in-ear, waterproof design, range of colours, storage of 4GB
  • E Series – small, compact design with colour screen and click controls, range of bright colours, MP4 video playback, 4GB/8GB storage
  • B Series – slim stick design with small LED screen, FM radio, range of bright colours, 4GB storage


  • iPods - lightning adaptor to charge and connect to computer (iTunes needs to be installed)
  • Walkmans - USB charge cable to charge and connect to computer (no specific music program needed, just drag and drop)


  • Sports, leisure, work, play, travel

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Bose Docks

Bose Sound systems bring your music to life. Unique Bose technologies deliver lifelike performance from a variety of models for home or on the go so you can enjoy all your content from your favourite Apple devices in clear, room-filling sound.


The SoundDock digital music system lets you enjoy Bose quality sound from your iPhone or iPod, CD player, tablet, laptop or mobile device. Bose’s digital signal processing and acoustic design produce wide-range sound, with consistency and clarity—all from a system so compact, you can move it easily from room to room.

You can enjoy hours of uninterrupted music from your iPhone or iPod as the SoundDock system charges your device via the rechargeable battery whenever it’s docked and plugged into a wall outlet, even while your songs are playing. This also means you can use this unit without cords, simply take it off the dock once it’s charged, and you have an instant portable system.



Enjoy your music on the go, everywhere you go. The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker delivers full, natural sound from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand.

The SoundLink Mini speaker is small and light enough to tuck into your bag and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to seven hours of playtime. And at home, you can listen even longer because the charging cradle lets you listen while it charges (an empty battery usually fully recharges in three hours).

The speaker has a range of about 30 feet (9.5m), so you can enjoy the sound you want without wires. It pairs easily with your smart phone, iPad or other Bluetooth device and even remembers the most recent six devices you've used, so reconnecting is even simpler.

You might not expect sound this rich from a speaker this small, but you don't have to sacrifice performance for portability: the innovative driver technologies deliver full-range sound in an ultra-compact package.


Enjoy deeper, more powerful sound than you thought possible from a small speaker. The SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II works wirelessly with your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, tablet or laptop and goes wherever you go. Just pair the speaker and your Bluetooth device – it’s easy and you only need to do it once. Simply press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker's top panel, and then choose the SoundLink Mobile speaker from your smart phone or other source. It's now memorised, ready to play in an instant with nothing to physically connect or dock. .

Speaker technologies and a unique driver design allows the small, lightweight speaker to reproduce deep, full sound and deliver your music in all its clarity. .

The speaker is small and light enough (roughly 13 cm x 24 cm x 4.5 cm; less than 1.4 kg) to carry in one hand or fit in a backpack or travel bag. And the 10m wireless range lets you keep your phone, tablet or other device with you while you place the SoundLink Mobile speaker II where you want, with help from the bi-fold cover that flips open to become a stand for instant playing anywhere. The covers come in either a nylon or leather option for a stylish and practical finish.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the music going strong for up to eight hours, even while you text, email or surf the web. And when you plug it in to an outlet, the battery will charge while you listen (an empty battery usually charges in two to three hours).

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Bose Headphones

No matter what your needs are, Bose has headphones for any activity – work or leisure. When you'd rather listen in private, at home or on the go, why not make it a better experience? Treat yourself to the sound quality and comfortable fit of Bose headphones. All models rest gently in, on or around your ears and deliver clarity and range that bring out the details of your music.


Wireless headphones from Bose give you the freedom to enjoy your movies, videos and music unplugged, offering full, natural sound and a comfortable, around-ear fit plus freedom of movement. You can watch a video on your iPad and reach for your coffee, or talk on your smart phone and retrieve notes from your desk, without cords.

They feature exclusive TriPort technology, which enables full-range sound from a lightweight design, and the active equalisation in the control module provides a noticeable improvement to the sound quality. While conventional headphones keep you tethered to your devices, Bose Bluetooth headphones—with a range of 9 metres—let you move around freely while still immersed in your music or videos. Just pair the headphones and your device, press and hold the multifunction and volume+ buttons on the headphones, and choose the headphones from your device's Bluetooth list.

You can even connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously. For example, you can watch a video on your iPad while staying connected to your smart phone. The headphones will automatically pause the video to answer a call. Then, when the call is finished, the headphones automatically switch back to the video.

Audio headphones

Over-ear headphones feature fold-flat ear cups and a collapsible headband for easy portability. They have a soft, cushioned seal for hours of comfortable listening, making them ideal for at-home relaxation.

If you prefer an in-ear fit, there are headphones which feature StayHear tips for greater stability while you're exercising or just out and about. They come in three sizes, so there should be a fit just right for you.


Bose sport headphones are engineered for exercise, combining resistance to sweat and weather with a comfortable, secure fit and Bose quality sound that regular sports earbuds can’t match. The inline microphone and remote are compatible with your iPod or iPhone, and the exclusive Reebok fitness armband, designed for the iPod and iPhone, holds your device securely and comfortably in place during exercise.


Whether it's engine roar inside a plane, the bustle of the city or distractions in the office, QuietComfort headphones help these noises fade softly into the background. Bose were the first to introduce noise-cancelling headphones over 20 years ago, and they’ve conducted ongoing research to improve the technology ever since. The Acoustic Noise Cancelling and audio headphone technologies work together so you hear less unwanted noise and more of your music. A quieter listening experience, combined with Bose quality sound, can reveal tones in your music you never noticed before.

QuietComfort headphones also now include an inline remote and microphone for your iPhone, iPod and other Apple devices, allowing you to take calls and control various music functions. And when you'd rather just relax without distractions, you can still use QC headphones to fade the noise around you with the flick of a switch.

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Jargon Buster

A form of audio compression that maintains quality, used by some Bluetooth devices

Wireless-Fidelity: a network based off a wireless-router

An operating system used by non-Apple phone manufacturers (Samsung etc.)

Digital Audio Broadcast: the new system for FM radio. Only available in CBDs.

Digital Living Network Alliance: a streaming service supported by most other brands excluding Apple

Near Field Communications: creates a contactless transmission across devices. Sometimes called One-Touch (e.g. Sony), it transfers small amounts of data between two devices i.e. a song or video from your phone to your computer or vice versa.

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