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Shopping around for your next electronic purchase and aren’t sure where to start? Our buyers guides will break down the jargon and give you the real facts. If you still have questions, jump on our Live Chat (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm), email us or call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

TVs & Projectors

LED/LCD, plasma, 3D, 4K - which one is right for you? We decipher the different types of TVs available as well as compare LED/LCD with plasmas and answer your most frequently asked questions. You’ll be in the know in no time!

Home Theatre

If you have just bought a great TV and are looking match the image with quality surround sound, a home theatre system will be the perfect addition to your set-up. Whether you are upgrading your components or buying for the first time we have you covered.

Personal Audio

As the Home of Headphones, Videopro is here to help make your decision easier with our handy guide. Let us clarify the lingo around headphones and earphones, noise-cancelling and wireless features and accessibility solutions such as voice and hearing assist.

Wireless Audio

Whether you're looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker to take on the go or built-in solutions for the whole house, Videopro has something for you. Enjoy room-filling sound in every inch of your home with amazing quality multi-room systems and smart speakers.

Digital Imaging

Looking to buy a new camera, but are confused by the options available? Starting out as a beginner or a tried and true professional? We can assist! Let us point you in the right direction so you can start creating beautiful, high quality content in no time.

Coming Soon

The Tech industry is constantly changing and evolving and so we'll be updating our buyers guides so you always have access to the most relevant info and advice to make your purchasing decisions the right ones. Still have questions in the meantime? Get in touch!

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