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CPA Australia - Case Study:


CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies with professional members from the finance, accounting and business sectors. When they relocated to new Brisbane Headquarters, CPA knew who could provide a solution for their AV requirements.

The system required the design, construction and implementation of a full floor Audiovisual fit out, incorporating AV throughout their 29th story office in AMP Place in the Brisbane CBD. After lengthy consultation with their Head office in Melbourne and locally with Brisbane’s Director of CPA, Videopro designed a custom solution for all Audiovisual requirements that emcompassed their boardroom, meeting room, training room and reception.

As the first point of contact with clients, dual plasmas were installed at reception to facilitate communication with waiting customers using DVD/TV and computer signals. The Boardroom is frequented by executives and therefore, required an amalgamation of technologies including a plasma display for videoconferencing.

Additionally, a motorised screen and projector system features a Bose audio solution for meetings, conferences and presentation evenings. A wall mounted AMX control panel was included to easily navigate the system, which was perfect for the needs of multiple end-users.

The same control system was installed in the training room to facilitate easy learning. Due to the design of AMP Place, the placement of the training room required dual projection to ensure every member of the audience could experience the presentation.

In their meeting room, the system had to be flexible and mobile in order to move the facilities elsewhere. Consequently, Videopro custom designed a videoconference trolley.To keep staff happy and up-to-date, a flat-screen panel was installed in the lunch room.

This was the important not only for relaxation, but for training needs as well. Videopro is proud of the final result and believes that the CPA office is perfectly equipped for a contemporary accounting practice from an audiovisual perspective.


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