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Cummins Truck Service Centre - Case Study:

Cummins Truck Service Centre, Dept of Transport, Dept Main Roads Logan

When the new Cummins Truck Service Centre at Carol Park needed audiovisual services they knew who to call. It was Videopro who successfully designed, supplied and implemented a state-of-the-art PA system in the new service centre near Ipswich, Queensland. Graham Wands from Videopro was approached by Cummins Diesel and put together a design based around Soundspheres loudspeakers and DSP processing.

Videopro installed 13 x Soundsphere loudspeakers for the truck maintenance bays and warehouse areas. Soundspheres are perfect for large warehouse type applications due to their 360 horizontal coverage. Therefore, fewer Soundspheres are required compared to traditional speakers, greatly reducing installation costs. The system also includes 50 premium ceiling speakers for the offices, canteen and amenities areas and a number of specialised IP rated loudspeakers to cover the outdoor yard.

A MediaMatrix NION system looks after system processing and routing from a remote equipment rack with a paging microphone input and links back with the main rack via a single CAT5 cable using CobraNet technology.

Input sources include a paging microphone, phone paging inputs and a rack-mount CD player and Tuner.


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