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Department of Emergency Services 501 Tango Project - Case Study:

Department of Emergency Services 501 Tango Project

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, a division of the Department of Emergency services decided to adopt the Australasian Interagency Incident Management System which provides levels of incidents and the appropriate management structure that is required. To this end, an Incident Response Vehicle was manufactured and to perform the following functions:

  1. Provide level 1 incident control for day to day activities
  2. Provide level 2 incident control for major urban incidents in the Brisbane region
  3. Provide operations point support where an Incident Control Centre is established
  4. Provide limited rehabilitation facilities in support of major incidents
  5. Provide support to Regional, Inter-Regional and Interstate Task Forces and Strike Teams
  6. Provide a level 3 Control Point until a fixed Incident Control Centre can be established.

The specialised needs of the Department of Emergency Services required a commitment to excellence in product and customer service. Videopro coupled their industry experience with innovative and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure both were delivered.

A Tandberg Video Conferencing System was installed to make video-conferencing and communication easy over long distances.

NEC Commercial LCD Panels were used to aid in the easy of control of the system. End-user training was also an important element in the creation of the full integrated system.

An AMX Touch Panel and Integrated Controller was installed. Coupled with the existing equipment, this control was the ideal choice for ease of use and control over the system.

Videopro delivered Extron Switchers and Scalers to optimisee image quality as well as maintain maximum image brightness and detail. Using advanced digital video scaling technologies, the Extron scales any video input, including any interlaced or progressive YUV signal, to one of thirteen common computer-video, progressive HDTV, or plasma resolutions.

The project called for a Matrix Switcher to eliminate the need to scale back input sources or output destinations to fit traditional 8-output matrix switcher designs and reduce control system – Provides a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced 16x16 and modular matrix switcher designs

It was important for an Equipment Rack to be installed to manage and maintain the equipment and the system.


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