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Digital Ready

Digital Ready

If you haven’t already heard, Australia is starting the switch to digital free-to-air television from 2010. This will give us some great benefits such as improved vision and sound, as well as a wider range of channels to choose from. However, if you currently own an analogue TV set, a few changes will need to take place before the big switchover if you want to keep enjoying your favourite shows.

Basically, you need to make sure your TV set is capable of receiving a digital signal, something which analogue TV sets cannot do. Don’t panic though – there’s no need to shell out big bucks for a whole new TV - though it’s a good excuse if you’re looking to! All you need is a digital set top box which you can connect to your old analogue TV, and you’re good to go. Otherwise, there is a huge range of TVs with inbuilt digital tuners available that are worth checking out.

Set top boxes and digital ready TVs vary from standard definition to high definition (HD), and it’s really up to you as to what you buy, depending on how much you want to spend and what you’re looking for in a TV.

For more information about the switchover, check out the government website:


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