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FKP - Case Study:

FKP Case Study

FKP are leaders in bringing to market quality residential apartment opportunities and Vue Apartments was no exception.

A huge amount of thought and design went into the display apartment and how we could best deliver this vital message of quality to prospective buyers before the building was built and could be personally auditioned.

The designers worked hard on presentation. Ensuring the aesthetics were right, quality fittings and spacious layout.

However they wanted an edge, something different to spark the imagination of anyone that entered the display and Videopro was called in to provide advice.

Vue was to have a fabulous perspective over Coronation drive, the Brisbane River and the city but it could not yet be realised so 4 x time lapse videos were taken using 4 cameras simultaneously over a 24hour period of the actual perspective of the soon to be built building.

This was then edited and published to DVD.

Videopro then installed 4 projectors in alignment and edge blended and colour matched the projected images, effectively stitching the images together to provide a mock balcony effect that could be seen throughout the display.

The time lapse was increased so that the images went from day to night and then back again every few minutes effectively changing the feel of the display.

This was unlike any other display apartment approach and provided a unique result that was the talking point of many of the visitors.


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