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Forensics & Video Enhancement

Forensics & Video Enhancement

Videopro is a solution provider with unrivalled experience in the forensic and video enhancement market. Videopro has supplied sophisticated forensic systems to federal and state police services both here and abroad. However, our experience is not limited to government agencies; we also provide to a number of independent companies and public service departments around Australia.

Videopro can supply fully integrated systems designed to assist video forensic analysis, video enhancement, audio forensics, de-multiplexing and interview recording. Rest assured, all systems are supplied with training certified by manufacturers. Additionally, we provide full hardware, software and technical support after your purchase.

Videopro are the sole distributors in Australia and New Zealand for Ikena video enhancement software, Ocean Systems dTective forensic analysis suite and Clearview products. Videopro is an Avid approved reseller specialising in providing total system integration services.

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