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Forensics & Video Enhancement



Established in 1996, Clearview communications have been meeting some of the world's most demanding security requirements by utilising experience in the design, manufacture, installation and service of various individual or integrated system solutions. In particular, Clearview specialises in CCTV replay and demultiplexing systems and video recording tools.


CCTV Replay

CCTV Replay

Clearview's analogue demultiplexers automatically decode and replay all known multiplex tape formats using a single system. Clearview's Unimux and Intelimux systems are currently used worldwide to allow all multiplexed tapes to be viewed in full or multi-screen format, along with their encoded time/date.

Clearview have developed systems to allow investigators to decode Digital CCTV recordings in a similar way. Our systems are capable of automatically detecting virtually all digital video and cctv formats, and displaying the images on screen. The range of digital products manufactured is capable of playing all common media formats. Once decoded, the video recordings can be converted to standard video formats like AVI or DVD-Video, edited and duplicated.

For more information, please visit Clearview's CCTV Replay site.


Video Interview Recording

To make the recording process as straightforward as possible, Clearview have developed the compact PaceNet series of recorders. PaceNet records between one and three cameras onto single or multiple DVDs. PaceNet recordings can also be sent over an IP network for live monitoring or hard disc back-up. Facilities are available to time-link written notes to the video recording live, or by written transcript on replay.

Video Recording systems feature:

  • Secure central storage of video and/or audio interview recordings
  • Interview room download of up to three DVD -Video format discs
  • Transcription of video and/or audio from networked or stand-alone PC
  • Configurations available for suspect, children and witness recording
  • Secure central back-up of recordings
  • Movement of recordings via the network without the need to bag and transport media physically
  • Storage of recordings and transcripts at the same location
  • Live monitoring of interviews from any authorised networked location
  • Audit log of all activities associated with every interview

For more information, please visit Clearview's Video Interview Recording site.

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