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Forensics & Video Enhancement

dTective by Ocean Systems


Over 1500 dTective systems are already being used successfully by law enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, and DEA as well as other government and private security groups in the U.S. and around the world.

dTective from Ocean Systems provides law enforcement and private organisations with revolutionary, affordable, easy to use forensic video enhancement tools allowing them to get the best possible forensic video evidence from their video surveillance tapes. With the dTective system it's easy to demultiplex video and perform enhancement on your video evidence.

Ocean Systems dTective video clarification tools are powered by the video engine of Avid technology. Avid is one of the market leaders for professional broadcast quality editing tools. As a result, dTective provides you with the most advanced, innovative, one-step technology available today. dTective seamlessly captures, processes and outputs uncompressed digital and analog video, providing you a pixel to pixel copy of your evidence.

With your dTective forensic video clarification system, investigators can digitally archive their cases to provide fast, accurate, and complete disclosure on CD-ROM or DVD or print stills from video.


The dTective system is comprised of 7 critical plug-ins that combine to provide a clearer, detailed video.
  • dVeloper - Clarifies video with poor lighting or improperly adjusted and maintained cameras and video equipment
  • DVR dCoder - captures copy of the original proprietary format and exports it to an uncompressed media format
  • dPlex - a universal video demultiplexing tool that allows you to isolate individual cameras from multiplexed video
  • dPlex pro - allows demultiplexing of multiple camera views in a single pass
  • MAGNIFi - enlarges a section of the video and displays the result full screen or to a user-defined portion of the screen
  • SpotLight - analysts may select a region of the video to highlight of blur
  • arithMATIC - performing mathematical operations on a single video clip or multiple clips


Each dTective system provides the the following capabilities:

  • Process Digital (DVR) or Analog Video Evidence
  • DVR security video - decode digital video (DVR) files from proprietary security systems into uncompressed video
  • Demultiplex video
  • Enhance dark video and poor quality video security and surveillance video
  • Print stills from Video to photo paper or digital files for fast distribution
  • Archive to CD or DVD
  • Highlight or obscure an important areas of forensic video tapes
  • Magnify video to display the result either full screen, or to a user defined portion on screen
  • De-interlace field recorded forensic video to avoid blurry stills printed from video
  • Frame averaging
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Video stabilisation
  • Insert case notes linked to forensic video evidence
  • Automatic project archiving
  • Variable slow motion speed adjustment to compensate for time lapsed video
  • Picture in Picture
  • Titling and labeling
  • Combine and stack tools
  • User definable layout and keyboard/interface short cuts


Additionally, Ocean Systems offers ClearID and QuickEnhance applications designed to assist forensic investigators who do not require the entire dTective forensic enhancement suite.

  • Clear ID - Photoshop plug-in used for image clarification on digital video, analogue video or image evidence
  • Quick Enhance - Audio clarification used to reduce background and tape noise


For further information, please call 1300 VIDEOPRO (1300 843 367) or visit the dTective by Ocean Systems website.

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