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Fotopro Tripods and Accessories

Who Is Fotopro?

Fotopro is an award winning global brand that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of photographic equipment for professional photographers. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods, monopods, heads and accessories.

Fotopro has been recognized as one of the top photography brands in Asia and Europe over the past 12 years and are excited to finally launch the Fotopro brand in the U.S. and Pacific, including Australia.

"We pride ourselves in providing the very best customer support possible and we continually invest in the latest technology to assess our product range, production needs, and consumer trends. We maintain the highest standard of quality in our products while still offering an affordable solution to our customers. We believe that anyone can unleash their creative potential with our products."

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Fotopro Awards Fotopro Tripods - T-Series

Warranty Info

Fotopro products are made for outdoor/adventure photographers and therefore, they ensure their products will meet and exceed the quality required to handle the outdoors. They offer a 6 year warranty on all professional products including:

Professional Tripods:
L-Series, T-Series, P-Series, F-Series, M-Series, X-Series, C-Series, and CT-Series. Any product listed under the category of "professional tripod" includes a 6-year warranty.

FPH-Heads, H-Series, T-Series, WH-30, and RH-10. Any head listed under the category of professional photography includes a 6-year warranty.

All monopods listed under the "professional photography" section include a 6-year warranty.

You can activate the warranty on your tripod by filling out the form on the Fotopro website.

Any products not in the range of "Professional Tripods" are not covered by the 6-year warranty. These products would be covered under the standard 1-year warranty instead. This includes all selfie sticks, smartphone accessories, action camera accessories, and any other product that is not listed under the "professional photography" category.

Fotopro Tripods - C5I Tripod