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The Gall Boys - Kedron Caravans - Case Study

Project Background

First established in 1962, selling caravans and manufacturing their own Kedron brand for 12 years, Barry Gall and his family came up with an idea - to take one of their caravans for a test run over the Kimberleys and film it as a way of showing areas that could be reached and experienced with an off-road van in tow.  Little did he realise that this simple idea would quickly transform into something bigger.

After their first two films, and since none of the Gall Boys didn’t have any formal camera training, they wanted to create a better looking finished product, to do this Glen Gall came to Videopro to ask for advice and to upgrade their Sony consumer Hi8 cameras.  Since this first meeting in 2004 the Gall Boys have continued to come back to Videopro for all their production needs.

In 2009, planning their eighth DVD, the Gall Boys decided to embark on their toughest adventure yet, to travel across the deserted outback of Western Australia.  They wanted to shoot this in full HD and needed to ensure that they had the best equipment for the job. As they had done previously, they returned to Videopro for a chat to Wayne Newton to enlist his advice and assistance.


Wayne supplied The Gall Boys with six cameras for this project, all which were full HD and solid state. Their previous cameras recorded onto tape and the decision to move to solid state was enormous as this would change the way the film was shot, backed up and stored in the harsh, dusty, sandy, and wet conditions that they were going to be travelling through.

The kit consisted of three Sony XDCAMs, three lipstick cameras, two Sony lapel microphones, two Sony shotgun microphones, one Matte Box, two Jet Led dimmable lights, three Laptops and two 2TB Mirrored drives pelican cases to hold and protect all the gear along with a few other accessories.  The lipstick cameras were fitted into the front of each of the vehicles to allow the viewer to become more familiar with the characters and become part of the trip.

As this was a totally new camera format for the crew, Wayne provided training on the use of the new cameras, which included camera functionality, how to transfer the footage from the SxS cards onto their laptops and backup drives, and some audio tips on microphone placement and audio levels.

On the Gall Boys return to edit and produce the final production, Wayne assisted them with their questions regarding the edit of their first solid state HD production, from acquisition to release.  The quality of the film was evident at their Brisbane premier where the projectionist commented that the film was of ‘Hollywood clarity’.

Since the release of their film (The Gall Boys – Crossin’ The Canning Stock Route) in April 2010, the Gall Boys have received in excess of twenty-thousand orders worldwide.

Glen Gall commented that the DVD films have become another business all in itself, “What started out as a hobby and a marketing tool for our caravans has now evolved into something greater,”

“Wayne’s support and knowledge on how to use these new cameras, ensuring the footage was safe and stored well, and finally how to edit it correctly has been invaluable. His suggestions for the lipstick cameras along with the coaching on how to make our audio outstanding has just taken us to the next level.

“You can’t really mess around on these sorts of trips.  We were miles away from anywhere, to know that we could always call Wayne for any sort of support has been amazing.”

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