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Over Ear

These distinctively modelled headphones have a bigger design than regular headphones: they are made to be noticed. Unlike in-ear options, these headphones don’t have invasive pieces that need to be placed in your ear canal, so they are both comfortable and effortless to wear. They also come with an adjustable headband and cushioned cups, meaning they are perfect for children as well as adults. Over-ear headphones are perfect for anyone that needs to wear them for an extended time, or those who simply don’t like wearing ear bud-style headphones. What’s even better is that many brands are starting to bring out styles in different colours, so they are also a stylish option for the fashion conscious as they look great and are up-to-date with the latest trends.


The newest platform of wireless technology is here. These cord-free prodigies are the ultimate travel companion: they sync with your wireless devices and have great battery life for when you’re on the go. They also digitally transmit noise signals with flawless reception and excellent sound quality. This style is ideal for watching movies at home without being too close to the TV, as they have no cords and no need for plugs or messy wires – simply charge on the dock and you’re ready to rock.

Welcome to Headspace – a place where you will find the perfect personal audio gear to play your music, your way. Here you can learn about the different types of headphones on the market and which type suits your individual needs, as well as being able to see what other buyers have said about the models they’ve purchased, and more.

We’ve compiled our information from user reviews and market-conducted research so that you can get the most up-to-date news and reviews on our entire range of headphones.

Whether you need headphones for work or play, travel or sport, Headspace is bound to have the music solution for you. At Videopro, we are always happy to help with your enquiry, so if you ever need any help finding the right device, jump onto our Livechat or call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

Digital Noise Cancelling

With new digital noise-cancelling technology, it is now possible to listen to music without outside distractions. There is a microphone inside the headphones that listens to background soundwaves and creates an exact mirror pattern of the sound, eliminating any noise that isn’t inside the headphone cup. The ear cup cushioning also helps to keep sound within the ear piece making these headphones ideal for public transport or on planes. The best part? You don’t have to turn the sound right up to enjoy your favourite tunes.

3 Way Control

3-way control headphones allow the user to have the ability to change songs and volume, and pause and play with the click of a button, which is attached to the headphones’ cord. They can also perform a range of other functions, like answering and rejecting phone calls, all by different successive clicks of the device. The ear pieces themselves are usually in-ear buds, making for a compact and lightweight option for travellers or commuters. This new type of headphone is great for the person who needs their hands free or simply for those who like easy, no-fuss technology.

 B&W C5

In Ear / Buds

The in-ear headphones are the most popular style on the market today – you’ve seen them everywhere - they are the standard accessory with most devices like phones, tablets and mp3 players - and probably have a couple lying around at home. These small, pea-like devices sit in your ear canal and direct sound straight into your ear drum, but because of their size and ability to move sound quickly, they are not recommended to be worn for long periods, or turned up to a high volume. Even so, they are a good choice for travel and portability, as they are extremely lightweight and can fit into the smallest of bags or pockets with ease. They are also compatible with a range of different devices and you can share an ear bud with a friend, unlike over-ear headphones. In-ear headphones also come in heaps of great colour choices and have changeable plastic ear buds, so they can fit children and adults.

Bose QC3i Headphones

"the sheer depth of sound is phenomenal"

Bose QC3i - Gary Knowles, NSW. July 2012

"As an owner of standard Bose on-ear headphones I always thought I had the best sound, however the Bose QC3I has changed that notion. I personally don’t use the iphone adapter (but it’s handy to have) and the top end notes aren’t as rich with the QC3I, but the sheer depth of sound is phenomenal, and the noise cancelling is effective, particularly on public transport, without being staggering. It’s hard to put a price on how important these are to me as I do nearly 3 hours a day on a bus. Would I buy them again? Yes."

Bose QC15 Headphones

"I really cannot fault the Bose QC15's"

Bose QC15 - Stuart Measures, QLD. June 2012

“I am an international traveller and have search for a quality set of headphones that blocked out surrounding noise, especially when on a flight. I sampled the headphones in store and found them to be fantastic, using the test bed designed for the Bose QC15's, unfortunately they were out of stock and had to order online. Taking just 5 days to arrive at my door. They come with both standard 3.5mm jack, aircraft twin audio plug and Iphone remote connectors so I could use these headphones in any environment. They are very comfortable on long journeys fitting around the ear. I really cannot fault the Bose QC15's. Thanks Videopro"

Sony XBABT75 Headphones

"These headphones have phenomenal sound quality"

Sony XBABT75 - Peter Georgiadis, VIC. June 2012

"These headphones have phenomenal sound quality for an in ear headset, and this comes from an “audiophile” with over 40 years of listening to high quality Hi Fi systems. They are ultra-portable, and the recharge capability of the docking unit is neat and very practical. The Bluetooth is lovely in that it “auto connects” with my HTC phone as soon as I power it up, there is no searching with my phone to connect to it like most other devices. Finally, I thought I destroyed them a few weeks ago when they went through a full wash cycle as they were tangled in my shirt. When I emptied the washing machine I was devastated to find them, and they did not work initially, but after three weeks of drying out, to my surprise they powered up and worked perfectly again. Whilst I do not recommend anyone put them thru the wash, mine still work fine and now have an even “cleaner” sound."

B&W P3 Headphones

"The P3’s pump out some seriously immersive sound"

B&W P3 - Daniel Gurowski, QLD. Aug 2012

"The B&W P3’s are without any doubt the best sounding and best looking headphones I have ever owned!

"Bowers & Wilkins have gone all out on the build quality of these gorgeous looking headphones. They fit snugly on your ears while being comfortable enough for periods of extended use. The magnetic removable ear cups make life easy for changing from the inline mic cord to the standard cord. Although the packaging says they are made for iPhone use the inline mic and volume controls worked straight out of the box on my Android S3 Galaxy and sounded crystal clear while taking a call.

"The P3’s pump out some seriously immersive sound, with tight bass and detailed mid & high notes. They not only are perfect for listening to music but I also regularly use mine for gaming and the surround sound is incredible.

"I would highly recommend these headphones, they are worth every dollar! 5 Stars!"

Bose QC15 Headphones

"The Bose QC15 audio quality is superb. These are amazing headphones"

Bose QC15 - Wayne Donovan, QLD. July 2012

"I was having trouble concentrating at work in an open office environment. Then I tried my friends Bose QC15 headphones for a day and they cut out so much background noise that I was able to concentrate so better, and got 2 days of work done in one day! So I bought a pair that night online from Videopro. An added bonus is that the Bose QC15 audio quality is superb. These are amazing headphones. Highly recommended."

Bose AE2 Headphones

"I made the right choice buying these headphones"

Bose AE2 - Robert Angriawan, WA. April 2012

"I love my Bose AE2s, I made the right choice buying these headphones. They have a crisp & clear guitar sound and also enough bass punch in the low frequencies. Very pleased with this purchase."


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