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Hilton Hotel Brisbane - Case Study

Project Background

One of the most recognized names in the industry, Hilton Hotels, stands as the stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality. Today Hilton welcomes guests in more countries than any other full-service hotel brand, with more than 553 hotels and resorts in 77 countries across six continents.

The hotel has recently completed a $14million AUD refurbishment which included transforming the Elizabeth Street Concierge entrance into a dynamic and modern space. The entrance is the first impression the guest, visiting public and passers by see, it was important that this space was engaging and created a ‘wow’ factor experience.

To support the hotel’s repositioning as a unique and innovative product in the highly competitive 5 star hotel market, the idea was to create a visual display within their lobby that would meet set requirements:

  • To provide an ambience to the space that could change as the need or seasons require (display of digital art); to have a facility that could promote the Hilton Brisbane’s operations (events, specials, hotel way-finding, etc.);
  • To have a facility that could display specific messages for Hilton clients when they have functions and events (welcome greetings, customer marketing, etc.).

With this in mind, Hilton Brisbane approached VIDEOPRO to discuss these requirements.


VIDEOPRO Business Solutions Account Manager, Graham Wands, provided the Hilton Brisbane with a dynamic signage solution that allows them to achieve all of their objectives. A large video-wall was installed; measuring 5,000mm x 3,000mm and is the largest of its kind in Brisbane.

The display consists of 25x NEC 46” ultra thin bezel LCD displays arranged into a 5x5 matrix that provides a brilliant attention grabbing image in low, medium, or high ambient light conditions.

The video-wall is capable of displaying, full screen digital Television for the display of major television events or news broadcasts. It can also display the concierge PC image, to assist clients with way-finding around the city (ie maps etc); not to mention the display of content from the Hilton network signage player that provides customised presentations, seasonal messages, and digital art.

Control of the screen is via an AMX touch panel located on the concierge desk for simple operation, and as part of the programming, automated start up and shut down times are in place to conserve energy. An AMX control system monitors both live energy usage and, temperature data sensors within the AV system to help maintain ‘green’ requirements and health of the displays themselves.

The main obstacle which needed to be overcome was trying to design a video-wall that could be easily maintained by the client. Graham’s goal was to create a simple design, minimising components and potential points of failure, as well as creating a feature that would be easily maintained.

To assist with maintenance, a special mechanical bracketing system was provided by Gilkon Australia that allows for individual panels to be pulled out from the matrix without touching the other displays. This vastly reduces down time and, more importantly, the impact on the Hilton Brisbane operations within the lobby, should maintenance be required.

VIDEOPRO prides itself in seeing the Hilton Brisbane benefit from their investment. Hilton Brisbane staff are now only limited by their creativity as to what they can achieve with this dynamic display.

Since installation Hilton Brisbane has utilised the video-wall for displaying public art, competitions and events for their clients. Not to mention the positive reaction the video-wall receives from hotel guests clearly impressed by the display and its place within the lobby.

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