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Iona College - Case Study

Iona College

Iona College approached Videopro Business Solutions with the vision to create a state of the art learning facility where technology formed an integral part of the education process.

The College’s Deputy Principal, Ross King wanted the technology to inform staff and students as well as double for presentations to external parties in the same learning space. Ross greatly assisted the Videopro Education team by clarifying his visions for the Library which proved to be extremely helpful during the system design process.

Initially, the client wanted the ability to send any input to any output. However with extensive discussion, the Videopro Education manager, Leigh Grigaliunas managed to accommodate the client’s needs without needing to exhaust the allocated budget. The main goals of the system could be achieved without the expense and complexity of the original arrangement.

Firstly, the core component of the solution is achieved with an Autopatch 8x8 matrix switch and AMX NI4100 central controller. These brands were selected for reliability as they’ve proven time and time again in the most taxing environments.

The Autopatch matrix switcher accepts a host of signals required at multiple display locations including VCR, DVD, Foxtel, Free to Air and two distinct digital signage feeds. The 6 presentation spaces in the library accept feeds locally into their display devices and have the option of switching to a remove feed from the matrix switcher if required.

Secondly, aesthetic challenges in the meeting room areas and boardroom were met using an AMX Hydraport cable management solution. These devices are countersunk into the tables in each room and tidily contain all cables and even the control panel for each space. The pop-up mechanics of these devices mean all the raw working requirements of the system are neatly tucked away out of sight.

Thirdly, AMX’s new Inspired Signage solutions are used to deliver remove casting of library schedules, timetables, relevant information, upcoming events, school video footage and still images, accolades and more; meaning a trip to the library has never been so informative. The system is proving very popular with staff and students alike.

Several additions to the installation serve specialist roles in the Iona installation. The use of 52” NEC High Definition LCD panels in the smaller meeting rooms makes for a functional and attractive learning space without being overbearing in the restricted space.

The brand new Hitachi 88” interactive whiteboard is used in the main instructional area in conjunction with InFocus widescreen projectors. To our surprise, this technology has been widely adopted in the K-12 space and it’s refreshing to see a school taking this leap.

In summary, the Videopro Education team is thrilled with the outcome achieved with a limited budget for Iona College. By using the funds wisely, the project appears to be much more complex and expensive than it is in reality.

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