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Minter Ellison - Case Study:

As one of the largest full-service law firms in the Asia Pacific region, when Minter Ellison was looking for an upgrade of their entire conferencing floor it was understandable that they would settle for nothing less than the most efficient and advanced control system and audio visual solution.

With thousands of employees in offices across the globe, 300 based in the Brisbane office alone, including 26 partners, the need for adequate facilities in conference rooms was a necessity. With conference rooms to accommodate this large staff base, the ability to book and maintain conference rooms or video conferencing facilities had to be priority and that is exactly what was provided.

Each conferencing room contains basic facilities such as plasma display screens, computer inputs for laptops alongside the standard desktop machines, cable television, and DVD and VCR playback units. Larger conference rooms are entirely dedicated to video conferencing, and four larger meeting rooms which join together to create one large banquet room for functions. These rooms each have widescreen projectors and radio microphones throughout which include confidence monitors and preview monitors, together with audio systems for background music which is especially useful when the rooms are joined together for functions. When the four larger rooms are joined together, an additional plasma screen flips out from the side wall for easier viewing from the rear of the room. The video and telephone conferencing system is also a portable trolley rig that can easily be moved to the smaller rooms.

An AMX system was put in place to control every aspect of the conferencing floor, from the audiovisual systems in each of the conferencing rooms, to the lighting and supplemental air conditioning system, and even the waiter service and coffee ordering system were programmed to deliver full catering service at the press of a button.. The automated ordering system relays details back to the kitchen to collate orders and ensure orders are taken to the correct room on time.

Approximately 200 hours of programming went into the custom waiter service and room tracking. As Minter Ellison already had an AMX system in place, extra programming was required to add ability to track whether or not rooms were in use, book usage on an hour-to-hour basis, and still remain interfaced with the customer software which was previously developed for long-term bookings. It was also arranged that at the end of every week, or month, the file containing all the data from these rooms could be extracted and the results imported into their main software.

The project contains everything you’d expect to find in any high-end conference setting, from advanced audiovisual set ups to the custom programmed AMX system. It’s no wonder this project received AMX’s Best Project Award 2008 and was featured in AV Magazine September 2008.


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