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Parliament House - Case Study

Parliament House

In November 1863, a specially-appointed commission chose the site for the new Parliament in George Street, near the then Government House.

The Queensland Parliament is often viewed as an historic, sandstone structure which is located at the end of George Street, Brisbane, and is somehow connected to the State's laws. However, responsibility for legislation is only one of a number of functions, which are outlined below.

The Parliament is also a living, breathing institution, comprising parliamentary Members from a diverse range of backgrounds representing differing political interests, who are assisted by approximately 190 Parliamentary Service staff, of which the senior officers' positions reflect the legacy of parliamentary tradition.

The Objective

There were several objectives.
The first was to provide a live feed to the broadcast stations,
a streamed feed to the internet & a televised service throughout the complex & the Ministers offices.

To provide a portable solution allowing television, internet and streaming to occur when sitting outside Parliament house such as regional offices.

To work within the confines of a heritage listed building with complex restrictions on cabling and camera types and


The broadcast stations no longer have to provide resources for every sitting.

Parliamentary proceedings can be viewed anywhere in the world via the internet.

Ministers can monitor proceedings from their offices without being in the Chamber.

Integrated Equipment

  • Remote control pan tilt & zoom HD cameras
  • Fully integrated, HD, automated camera control and switching system
  • Multi-view monitoring
  • Digital Glue
  • Broadcast monitoring Fibre optic links between cameras & control automation and interfacing to external media.

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