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Yeronga State High School Case Study

Project Background

Established in 1960, Yeronga State High School is a school just south of the Brisbane CBD which prides itself on high standards, solid foundations, innovative practices and the core values of Quality, Harmony and Sustainability. It provides its students with a safe, disciplined and inclusive educational environment where they can focus on achieving excellence in a range of academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.

As part of the State Schools of Tomorrow Queensland Government initiative and in line with its core values, the school aimed to build a state of the art Resource Centre which included 21st century learning tools such as access to tablet computers, functional collaboration spaces and a larger emphasis on the use of digital resources.

When considering the technology that would be implemented in the Resource Centre, the school hoped to employ a content management and distribution system for digital resources, such as videos and document files, and approached VIDEOPRO and Command Systems, who are the supplier and manufacturer’s respectively of one such system, to consider their solution named Digital Video Commander (DVC).


The DVC system was eventually chosen because of its features and versatility. It had the ability, not only to deliver digital content throughout the school, but also to provide additional benefits, such as security camera capabilities, a digital signage system and the ability to stream physical media (VHS tapes and DVD’s) over the school’s IT network.

The system was installed during the 2010/2011 Christmas holidays and the project certainly had its challenges, none more so than the 2011 Queensland floods, which occurred at a time when delivery and commissioning of the system was due to take place. This was a natural disaster that had a very personal impact on many students and staff at Yeronga SHS and the frantic works involved with any building project were really put into perspective, because they pale in comparison to both the initial devastation and sadness that was a result of the floods and the positiveness, assistance and comradeship of the wider Brisbane community during its recovery efforts.

In the end the system was commissioned on time and to budget, with the end result being a system that was installed to a high standard.

Examples of how the school use DVC on a day-to-day basis are as follows:

  • Teachers are able to stream live educational television to their computers, whenever they are plugged into the network.
  • Administrators can record shows that are relevant to the curriculum or teacher’s requirements. By scheduling and recording programs, the school grows its digital content library at no cost and because it is stored in one central location, Teachers are then able to stream this content anywhere, anytime throughout the school’s network.
  • The Resource Centre utilises the system’s digital signage function, which is essentially a 21st century message board system, in order to show customised content at different times of the day.
  • Teachers are able to store a wide range of digital content including audio files, Word documents, pictures, spreadsheets, power points, PDF files, flash files and text files. Each user gets a personal folder that can be utilised to save favourite files or to create and prepare lessons.
  • Security cameras are installed in the resource centre, with administrator’s having sole access through a secure interface.

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