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University of Southern Queensland - Toowoomba Campus Case Study

The University of Southern Queensland, Digital Media Services section, is a university facility which doesn’t just teach students film and TV but provides audio/visual learning experiences for the many students who are studying with them via distance education across Australia and the world.

Their studio’s last upgrade was in 2004, to a standard definition recording and production facility, which, six years later, had begun to show its age. The production industry had moved to high definition and the University staff felt that if they wanted to further improve their award-winning courses for their correspondence program, a full system upgrade would be required.

Three years after the initial submission from those within the facility, the university finally accepted the department’s upgrade proposal. The set budget needed to cover the full upgrade of the facility, including all major aspects of the system – studio and field cameras, full mixing control room, monitors, shared storage, editing stations, routers, racks, cabling, training and installation. Due to a long-standing relationship with VIDEOPRO, the team at USQ came to speak to Wayne Newton in the VIDEOPRO Broadcast & Production team to discuss the project and the university’s requirements.


The team at USQ approached Wayne with a wish list of products and requirements. Originally the university had planned for the purchase and installation to happen over the course of a twelve month period, however, this meant that price fluctuation and the state of the economy would dictate what the project would be allowed to include. Sensing this could be an issue; the team replanned their process and decided to schedule the upgrade immediately to avoid any possible setbacks.

Wayne outlined a range of available products to provide the best possible solution. With the final quotes in play and orders placed, the university began their preparations for the installation in November, as the facility could be closed from December to February to complete the project. During the closure, various contractors and installers were involved; Wayne managed the entire installation, and was on-call throughout the project and often drove to Toowoomba on the same day that challenges were reported by the installers. During the final stages Wayne stayed in Toowoomba to ensure the installation met the quality expected of a VIDEOPRO project. Being onsite allowed for any last minute additions and changes to be actioned immediately, thereby keeping the project on time.

The finished project is now one of the finest full high definition studios in South East Queensland. The quality of the installation speaks for its self. On the initial Go HOT test day, aside from a couple of now resolved audio issues, everything worked perfectly.

Jeff Black, Manager of Digital Media Services at USQ, explains his decision to purchase from VIDEOPRO, by saying “we couldn’t afford to have a cobbled-together installation that could take months to troubleshoot, as we would lose the faith of the university community, not to mention short-changing our students. We had to do it quickly, and we had to know that it would work at the end of the installation, and we know that VIDEOPRO have been there and done it many times, so why would you think or go anywhere else?”

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