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Data Projectors

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Data Projectors

Quality data projection can be an important aspect in all kinds of gatherings, from business meetings to educational classes. To provide the best quality images with superior resolution, look no further than our data projector range. With many diverse and varied data projector uses, choosing to buy a projector can be a worthwhile investment for your school or business. Browse our range online to buy a data projector in Sydney (or other parts of Australia) that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Australia’s Leading Projector Brands at Competitive Prices

At Videopro, we proudly stock the world’s best data projector brands. With a wide range of projectors available from our stores, you will have all the choices you need to service your home, business or educational institution for superior image resolution and ultimate picture quality. Our data projector range includes:

  • Portable & mini projectors
  • Mid-range projectors
  • Large venue projectors
  • Ultra short throw projectors
  • Interactive projectors
  • Laser projectors

If you are looking to buy a projector and accessories from the world’s leading data projector brands at competitive prices, then look no further than the Videopro range. Contact us to speak with our experienced education and business teams to assist you in purchasing the data projector that will be perfectly suited for your particular environment.


What are the different types of data projectors?

Our range of data projectors provides many options to choose from. We offer mini projectors for people on the move, all the way through to large venue projectors. At Videopro, you can buy a projector that is just right for you.

What are the uses of a data projector?

A data projector can be used in several different environments. From business meetings to conferences to educational classes, a projector can be an extremely useful tool for numerous types of organisations.  

How do I choose the best data projector for my needs?

Videopro offers specialist advice for both the business and educational sectors and can assist you to choose the best data projector to suit your needs and requirements. Contact us today to buy a projector that is right for your environment to deliver superior and lasting picture quality.