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HiFi Shelf Systems

For a quality HiFi stereo system for your home, look no further than the range from Videopro. As Australia’s leading provider of electronics, we can supply you with a home hi-fi system that offers superior sound quality at the most competitive prices. Videopro is the supplier you can trust for quality in sound as well as speaker quality. Browse our HiFi system range online today to find all the stereo amplifiers, subwoofers and turntables you need to complete your ultimate home HiFi stereo system.

Different Types of HiFi Systems

Though many might believe that the traditional HiFi system has been replaced by newer technology, there is still a great demand for different types of sound systems to suit different areas of the home. At Videopro, we stock quality manufactured HiFi systems that will help you to resonate the best sound quality possible throughout your home or backyard. Choose a mini HiFi or micro hi-fi system that you can add additional features to, or opt for a mini stereo system for ultra-convenient portability.

Whether you’re searching for a mini HiFi system or an all in one stereo, you will find everything you need at Videopro. Visit us in-store or shop online to find the best quality sound in Australia.


What is a HiFi audio system?

HiFi — meaning high fidelity — is a term used in home audio to denote quality sound reproduction. A HiFi stereo system is a unit that is used to play music and sound at the highest quality levels possible. 

What types of HiFi stereo systems does Videopro stock?

Our HiFi systems can be built to your specifications, including the use of bookshelf speakers, floor speakers, optical drive speakers, or multi-room setups. We stock systems from leading international brands so that you can have access to the best sound quality in Australia.

How do I choose the right HiFi stereo system for my home?

Whether you’re looking for a shelf HiFi system or something a little more complex, contact our team to find the right HiFi system for you. Visit us in-store to hear the options for yourself, or check out our online information for further assistance.