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Video Production Equipment

Here, you will find the latest in professional video camera and production equipment. This includes the amazing new 4K cameras to hit the shelves!

Want to know more? Our production team are here and ready to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line!

About Professional Video

At Videopro, we pride ourselves on our expertise in all things audio visual. We stock a large range of professional studio AV equipment, including studio-grade video cameras, audio editing and broadcast equipment. If you’re looking to purchase video production equipment online, then our selection of professional video production equipment will not disappoint. 

Our catalogue includes everything from video and audio editing equipment, to live content production equipment, camera lenses and filters. To browse and compare professional video cameras and equipment, simply use the controls in the left column to filter by brand or type. If you have any questions you can chat to us live or call us toll free 1300 VIDEOPRO.

Looking for the latest professional video camera and video production equipment? Here you will find a range to suit everyone, from the novice up to the seasoned professional. With leading brands like Black Magic, Ikan, Livestream and Magewell, we have something to suit the content creator or the event pro.

We've also got the latest ultra HD 4K cameras and monitors with crisp, defined screen resolution. To ensure the action in the back and foreground can be seen, our range of camera lighting will give your production a professional edge. 

When it comes to production accessories, check out these vision switching options and digital signal processing products.

Keep an eye on your work through these monitors and viewfinders, and get down to detail with these professional editing solutions. We've also got an array of camera accessories for the discerning buyer.

Should you have any more questions about video equipment, reach out to us via our chat facility or call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO to talk to our experts.


What equipment is required for video production?

If you are new to video production, you'll want to start with the right equipment. Begin with a high-quality camera, with support for high quality audio recording, perhaps something like the Canon XA40. You also need a video tripod and premium-quality external microphone. Get the right lighting equipment and high-quality memory and capture cards on hand, and think about editing and production software to help you produce your work.

What are the three main pieces of gear you will need for quality video production?

You need to choose the right camera, such as a versatile 4K hybrid. Then, you need microphones to suit the type of project you’re shooting, a tripod, or rig to set up or handle your equipment in any situation. Start out with a simple, functional, three-point lighting kit you can take anywhere, move it around quickly, and it won't break the bank.

What are the most popular video production equipment brands?

For quality video recording look at the Sony, Panasonic, Canon or Blackmagic cameras.

Sony has the very popular ILME-FX6 and Blackmagic has the URSA Mini Pro G2, a digital camera with a high-performance 4.6 K HDR sensor, broadcast controls, and many other features.

How to choose the right video production gear?

Begin with a good-quality video camera as your centrepiece. Select your camera to your budget, production type and your outlet (online, broadcast, etc.) Get a sturdy tripod with a fluid head for smooth pans and a three-point lighting kit for shooting indoors. A shotgun mike will set you up nicely for high-quality audio, with a shock mount to keep things steady on top of its pole. XLR cables are essential to connect your camera to the microphone, and you can send everything to a portable digital audio recorder.