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Yealink VC Wall

Yealink have established themselves as a brand that offers high quality video conferencing solutions that are also cost effective. Our Newstead Experience Centre is proudly home to a new Yealink display featuring a range of their VC solutions. Join Videopro's Pat as he shows off the new Yealink products on offer.

Solution 1: DeskVision A24

The DeskVision A24 provides you with an all-in-one Teams room solution paired with a 24” touchscreen. It features an automatic camera that pops up when a call starts and has built-in microphones and speakers that provide a superior audio experience. It can also be used as a second monitor for your laptop for added usability. The base features a USB hub for all your peripherals and a wireless charging pad for your smartphone. All of these features make it perfect for either an office or home workspace.

Solution one includes:

+ Yealink DeskVision A24

Solution 2: Huddle Room

The second solution takes a step up to a combo that is perfectly suited to a huddle room. It features the A10 compact meeting bar that provides a 4K camera with 120° field of view and an eight microphone array. It also features speaker tracking, auto-framing and smart gallery functions to ensure that everyone in the room is heard and seen clearly. Yealink's advanced AI noise cancellation enhances the audio experience by reducing background noises and providing crystal clear audio quality. This device is paired with a touch panel for full control and a wireless dongle to allow presentations with no cables at the press of a button. This package can be set up to run Teams, Zoom or function as a BYOD solution.

Solution two includes:

+ Yealink A10 Compact MeetingBar
+ Yealink CTP18 Touch Panel
+ Yealink WPP30
+ Room display

See more information on the Huddle Room setup.

Solution 3: 65" MeetingBoard

The final solution is the 65” Yealink Meeting Board. This innovative solution provides you with an all-in-one design that delivers an immersive meeting experience. The 4K camera provides a premium and intelligent video experience with all the AI features you'd expect like auto-framing and speaker tracking. It also has a 16 microphone array, in-built DSP with enhanced AI noise cancellation and a four plus two speaker configuration. This delivers an 8m full duplex audio experience that makes it sound as if everyone was sitting in the same room. However, it's the touchscreen that really elevates the functionality of this product as we can now incorporate collaborative whiteboards in a video meeting. The 65” size and pen and paper feel also provide a smooth and seamless writing experience.

Solution three includes:

+ Yealink 65" MeetingBoard
+ Yealink MeetingBoard Floorstand

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