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Blake Eunson

Blake Eunson is a Brisbane-based, freelance photographer for Pellucid Stills Photography. He loves to shoot portraits, animals, automotive, etc. but doesn’t like to restrict himself to just one form of photography. If he brings happiness to others – he’s happy.

To be able to capture the moments people only see very briefly in their day-to-day activities is what Blake strives for – to freeze a moment of laughter, love, joy or excitement and preserve that moment for eternity. But if an opportunity reveals itself for any kind of photo – you best believe Blake has his camera with him.

Since the beginning of Blake’s photography journey he has been shooting with Nikon. One of his biggest inspirations Brandon Woelfel, a New York City photographic artist, also uses this brand. He was one of the reasons that led Blake to believe that he can make photography part of his life, his soul.

What Blake loves most about photography is that everyone is your motivation, everything is your guidance, passion is your never-ending fuel, and it’s the story we fail to put into words.

Follow Blake at:
Instagram: @pellucidstills
Facebook: /pellucidstills

Millie & Margot
Millie & Margot