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Logitech VC Wall

Videopro Newstead is home to the very first Logitech Video Conferencing Wall in Australia. Logitech are leaders in the video conferencing industry and have a whole range of technologies that will help you get the best video conferencing experience out of any meeting room no matter what the size. This display allows users to get hands-on experience with their technology. Join Videopro’s Pat Byrne as he walks you through the three solutions on display.

Solution 1: Logi Dock

The first configuration is a BYOD setup featuring the Logi Dock. This device gives you a speakerphone with a USB hub that connects peripherals such as a keyboard, headphones or web camera all through one cable. This makes it perfect for the home office or those who work remotely.

Solution one includes:

+ Logitech Logi Dock

See more information on the Logi Dock setup.

Solution 2: MeetUp

The second solution suits a small to medium meeting room and features a Logitech MeetUp, which gives you a 4K PTZ camera, three beamforming microphones and a speaker for a quality audio experience. It also has a Logitech Tap which acts as a scheduler and provides you with full control over your Microsoft Teams Room. The Tap also has an HDMI ingest which allows you to bring in your laptop screen directly into the Teams call. These are both driven and connected to your Microsoft Teams NUC.

Solution two includes:

+ Logitech MeetUp 4K Conference Cam
+ Legend AU Power Cable Clover 2M
+ Intel NUC
+ Logitech Tap Jumpstart
+ Logitech Tap Screen
+ Logitech Tap PC Mount

See more information on the MeetUp setup.

Solution 3: Rally Bar Mini

For a larger meeting room, the third option features the Logitech Rally Bar Mini. This conferencing soundbar has a second camera which enhances the auto framing functionality, six beamforming microphones allowing greater coverage across the room, and better speakers that enhance the sound delivery. Both of these meeting room solutions are Microsoft Teams certified.

Solution three includes:

+ Logitech Tap 10.1" Touch Screen
+ Logitech Rally Bar Mini in Graphite

See more information on the Rally Bar Mini setup.

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