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Studio & Music Microphones

Here you can easily buy, compare, and sort all our cheap Studio Microphone deals online to find the one you are after, all at the very best prices. There are also a range of filters such as price and brand, available for you to the left that will allow you to filter what products you see on the right. If you have any questions about our Studio Microphones range you can chat to us live or call us toll free 1300 VIDEOPRO.

Our studio mic range includes a selection of what we consider to be the very best dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones currently available in Australia. With names such as Shure and RØDE in our impressive lineup, you know that whichever model you buy, you will be getting a professional music microphone manufactured to the highest standards.

In addition to studio microphones for recording, we also carry a wide selection of wired and wireless mics suitable for various applications. Whichever type of microphone you need and whatever you need it for, you will find the perfect model in our online store.


What are the different types of studio microphones?

The three main types of studio recording microphones are dynamic, condenser and ribbon. Although condenser mics are generally considered the best choice for recording vocals in a studio environment, many performers also use ribbon and dynamic microphones to great effect.

What do I need to consider when choosing a studio microphone?

If you are looking for your first studio mic for recording vocals, you need to think about the type of music you perform and your vocal style. For a bright, clear and crisp sound, a studio condenser microphone is an excellent choice. For a natural, uncoloured recording of your vocals, a ribbon mic is worth considering. On the other hand, if you have a very powerful voice, a dynamic mic could be the right option for you. If possible, we would recommend trying each type for yourself to see which one is most suitable for your vocal and musical style.

What is the best studio mic for recording instruments?

Many musicians use condenser mics to record acoustic instruments — but if you are recording electric guitars and other amplified instruments, a ribbon or dynamic studio microphone will probably deliver the best results. As with vocal mics, you may need to experiment before finding the perfect type and model for your recording needs. If you would like to speak to one of our audio specialists about your studio mic requirements, please do not hesitate to call or message us for additional support.