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Proserpine Entertainment Centre | Audio Visual Case Study

The initial Proserpine Entertainment Centre was a community hub that hosted a variety of events from weddings to musical performances and community gatherings. In 2017, cyclone Debbie severely damaged the existing building and after unsuccessfully trying to repair it, it was decided that it would be condemned and rebuilt as a brand new state-of-the-art facility.

The project was broken into two delivery sections. Videopro were first awarded the infrastructure installation project for the theatre, working with Hutchinson Builders while the Audio Visual hardware package was out for tender. Videopro were then able to secure the hardware package at a later date. The hardware package was managed through Ranbury Management Group and both parts of the project took 18 months to deliver to completion.

The project includes a new multi-purpose auditorium and stage, retractable tiered seating with 380 seats, kitchen, café, bar, ticketing area, amenities and dressing rooms. Other features include a garden and street foyer, cinema screen, art installation, loading dock and scenery dock, technical theatre equipment and outdoor performance area.

The auditorium consists of a single, flat-floor space which utilises motorised, retractable seating to cater for traditional theatre, music and cinema seating modes. The flat-floor mode will be used for a variety of purposes including celebrations, exhibitions, dances and some concerts with or without use of the stage. Loose seating is available for the flat-floor events and can be stored away when not in use. The stage opening can also be varied with adjustable drapes at the sides and top for different production styles.

Videopro consulted with Phil Viney from Design Stage to ensure the theatre aspects of the project were considered and suitable. Being a state-of-the-art new-build, a lot of thought and planning was put into the multiple user cases that the AV in the building would need to perform. The new design allows for flexible configurations and presentation points.

The control room (or biobox) is located on level one at the rear of the auditorium, directly behind the retractable seating. This space holds equipment and racks for sound, lighting and vision control, as well as a Sony 10,000 lumen laser projector. This is paired with a 200” Screen Technics motorised screen for presentations.

The theatre audio utilises a flown Meyer LINA line array audio solution with eight boxes per hang, along with a single Meyer subwoofer. Ten QSC surround loudspeakers were added for when the theatre is in cinema mode alongside a custom 375” Screen Technics cinemascope roller screen.

The stage lighting is provided by approximately 50 lighting fixtures from various manufacturers on motorised lighting bars.

Crestron touch panels are located at multiple locations around the theatre for easy-to-use control.

The Proserpine Entertainment Centre is a challenging place to get to especially by Videopro staff based in Brisbane. In addition to this, the project took place in the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, making travel and collaboration even more challenging. Videopro were able to, along with the other parties involved in the project, complete the project successfully despite these adversities.