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Video Lighting Kits & Equipment

As part of our range of video production and camera equipment, we have a collection of quality video lighting kits suitable for professional and amateur use. Whether you are shooting footage for commercials, making an independent film or creating content for social media platforms, you can find a video light solution in our store that is perfect for your requirements.

If you need any help choosing a new  video light kit or you have any questions about the products we stock, you can talk to one of our AV specialists by calling 1300 843 367 or by contacting us online today.


What are examples of essential video lighting equipment for shooting professional video?

The type of lighting you will need to shoot professional-quality videos will depend mainly on the locations you are filming. For outdoor areas with plenty of natural light, you may achieve good results without any artificial lighting. Most professionals recommend starting with a three-light setup for indoor locations, consisting of a key light, background light, and fill light. If you want to highlight the background behind the main subject of your video, you may wish to use an additional background light as well.

How do I choose which video lighting equipment to buy?

The best way to choose video lighting equipment is to consider what type of content you will be filming, where you will be filming it and the specific lighting effects you would like to create. A single LED video light could be sufficient if you are filming close up shots of yourself speaking into a microphone for an online streaming event. On the other hand, if you are shooting a short film with several characters in various environments, you will need to invest a little more in your lighting equipment to get the best results. A general rule of thumb is if you want cleaner, more colourful images, add more light!

What are the best video lighting equipment brands in Australia?

Whether you are shopping for a specialist on camera video light or general LED studio lights for video studio and chroma-key lighting applications, leading brands such as Aputure, Manfrotto, Litepanels,Godox, Lastolite, BBS, Xlitre, Nanlite and Phottix are all worthy of serious consideration in our opinion.