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Tripods & Monopods

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Tripods & Production Support Equipment

Having a sturdy tripod can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of video or image production. Videopro is home to several international video tripod brands, including Joby, Manfrotto, Miller and Sachtler. These quality brands offer superior support for the best possible results. Whether you’re searching for a professional camera tripod mount, a monopod, or another form of production support equipment, you will find everything you need in the Videopro online store.

Choosing the Right Professional Tripod for You

Different forms of videography and photography require different camera tripods to ensure the best results. While a monopod might be much more convenient for a sports or music photographer, videographers generally prefer the stability and smooth movement, of a traditional tripod to ensure solid and smooth quality in what they are shooting. A still camera tripod has multiple uses, from taking the perfect selfies to capturing macro images in great detail. In contrast, a video tripod supports a bearing or geared head and the operation of the head is fluid-like to support professional video cameras. No matter what kind of tripod stand you are looking for, the Videopro collection will have something to suit your personal needs.

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What is the essential equipment needed for video production?

Apart from a camera, a tripod is a very useful piece of equipment that you can have for professional video production. We carry a range of professional tripod options for you to choose from in the Videopro store.

What are the different types of tripods?

As the name indicates, a tripod is usually a 3-legged apparatus, but with the growth and development of photography and videography over the years, additional professional tripod options have surfaced, including the monopod, which only has one leg. 

What kind of tripod do I need?

The tripod or monopod you choose should be based on the type of camera or video work you are doing. Our team are experts on camera tripods and will happily provide you with advice to ensure that you find the right tripod for you.

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