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St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace Playing Fields | Audio Visual Case Study

St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace is an independent boys Catholic college catering from years 5 to 12. Terrace have very strong academic, sporting and cultural programs at the college and have a large set of playing fields located in the Tennyson area to facilitate. The fields are used by multiple stakeholders, including the college itself and external parties, for various sports such as cricket, soccer and their main sport, rugby union.

The decision to redesign the audio system at the Tennyson playing fields was driven by a torrential downpour that led to flooding which provided a perfect opportunity to look at a whole new solution. There were a few inherent problems with the old system and the main challenge was trying to get good, tangible audio across the expansive fields.

Videopro came as a recommendation to Terrace from neighbouring schools and were engaged due to proven experience delivering on large-scale projects and having the in-house resources required to complete the job. Due to the flooding, Videopro was able to do a full redesign of the audio visual including video transport and a new field paging system.

The new solution utilises Biamp Community R252Z horns strategically positioned along the main grandstand and boathouse, complemented by QSC surface-mounted speakers to ensure comprehensive coverage. These audio components are powered by QSYS networked amplifiers, seamlessly integrated with a QSYS CORE610 for centralised audio routing and precise control.

For video transmission, Videopro implemented state-of-the-art Lightware UBEX encoders and decoders, interfaced with a robust fibre optic infrastructure, enabling high-quality, low-latency video transmission routed back to the field's dedicated broadcast bunker. There are multiple video input plates around the main field and in the grandstand which can be fed to the existing GOA billboard at the premises.

The broadcast bunker also hosts Shure ULX-D microphones with extension antennas, allowing excellent roaming coverage for events, along with an iPad to adjust audio levels on the fly.

The end result has provided the college with a simple and easy to operate system that has exceeded expectations. The selected speakers easily produce an impressive sound with fantastic clarity across all fields. The seamless integration of audio and video solutions has significantly enhanced the overall experience at the Tennyson playing fields. Videopro designed a fully flexible solution that can easily be expanded upon as the college requires.

The Videopro installation and commissioning teams worked through adverse weather conditions, from extreme heat to heavy rain and must be commended for their efforts in delivering the project to a very high standard. Videopro has continued to work closely with St Joseph’s College on other AV projects at their Spring Hill campus and look forward to maintaining a strong relationship in the future.