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USB, Tablet & Laptop Charging Stations

Laptops and tablets are ubiquitous in almost any environment today, and they're in constant use. If you're in a facility where many users will need to recharge at once and enjoy full capability wherever you’re working, you need to look at charging stations and charging carts.

We have cabinets that can securely hold and charge many individual devices in one go. We also have mobile charging carts you can move from one environment to another to match where the work is. Choose from floor-standing or wall-mounted stations and carts that are ideally suited for USB charging, like the Lindy 10 Port. We have iPad charging stations as well, like the Putnam 16 from PC Locs.

We have waterproof carabiners ideal for connecting equipment and cabling if you're looking for a solution to complement your active shoots. And if you're searching for computer equipment as well, check out our monitors and peripherals.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to chat to us online or call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO to talk to a knowledgeable associate.


What are laptop charging stations and charging carts?

A charging station is a cabinet that can accommodate and charge many individual devices in one go. They're ideal for larger facilities and can help protect the devices when they are connected. Mobile charging carts and laptop trolleys can be moved from one point to another to help you distribute and connect devices.

What types of charging stations and carts are available?

Choose your charging station or cart based on the type of device, how many will need to be charged simultaneously and where you plan to position the charging unit. Some are stationary, while others can be mobile, or you could choose a floor-standing or wall-mounted station. Some smaller stations and carts are ideal for USB charging, while others are better for AC.

What should I look for when buying a charge station?

As there are many solutions available, you can narrow down your choice based on power, speed, the number of required ports and placement. Will you need a device that supplies a standard amount of energy or one with high power capability? A charging station with high-speed ports will get the work done more quickly.

If you have a larger number of devices, choose a charging station with plenty of ports. Finally, decide if you want a station that will be static or mobile.

Are charging stations portable?

Yes, portable charging stations are available and highly efficient for maintaining a functional workspace wherever you find yourself.

Are there charge stations for tablets?

Yes, consider a model like the PC Locs 810130 Carrier 20 Cart Tablet Trolley. It has six large baskets to store tablets and can charge up to 20 devices at once.