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Webcams for video conferencing are the current standard of professional video communication. A webcam allows you to stream video in real-time and capture audio through an in-built microphone. They’re ideal for conferences and seminars, client meetings, virtual collaborations, product demonstrations, Zoom meetings, or just relaxing on your couch with some online chats.

It is the best tool to help you connect with people living miles away from you, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in travel expenses each year so you can focus on what matters. Shop our fantastic range to find the best high-quality webcam for your needs.


What are the different types of webcams?

Videopro webcams have high resolution and good microphones. There are several types of webcams, each designed for a specific purpose, including:

  • Conference webcams — These are designed for business settings and offer features like HD video and audio, wide field of view, pan/tilt/zoom options, and more. The Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Desk Camera is an excellent choice for virtual meetings in a conference room and video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams.
  • Streaming webcams — If you need to do live streaming, a webcam like Logitech 960001283 Streamcam Graphite is perfect for you. It features HD video, a wide field of view, and more.

How do I choose the right webcam for me?

If you're looking to buy a webcam, you must consider its main purpose. If you primarily use it for video conferencing, you’ll want to focus on finding a conference webcam with ultra-wide 4K capabilities, built-in microphones and high resolution. If you only use it occasionally, then any basic webcam should do the trick. Make sure that it is compatible with your computer.

Which webcam is best for video conferencing?

The Logitech StreamCam is great for video conferencing with full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps and premium audio performance. Another Logitech webcam is the Brio Ultra HD Webcam, one of the best webcams for video conferencing that can capture up to 4K resolution. It also features 5x digital zoom and works well even in low-light environments.