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A subwoofer is an integral part of the sound system setup in your home. It amplifies the bass to give you a fuller sound, working with other important parts of your HiFi system to offer a complete listening experience. When you are looking to buy a subwoofer, you can’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Cheap subwoofers can produce tinny echoes that will compromise your overall sound quality, so you should buy a subwoofer that will match the quality of your HiFi system.

The Best Uses for a Subwoofer in Your Home

There are a variety of sound systems that will benefit from the use of a subwoofer, including home theatres, HiFi systems, and surround sound. A home theatre subwoofer can really round out your cinematic experience by giving you the full effect of quality sound in a cinema room. By choosing an active subwoofer, you will be negating the need for a separate amplifier, as this option gives you everything you need in one device. We also offer a wireless subwoofer range that can be controlled by using either your smartphone or through a wireless HiFi system for the ultimate technological convenience.

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What does a subwoofer do? 

A subwoofer is designed to amplify the bass sounds that you can hear. Depending on the size of the subwoofer you choose, this amplification ranges from 20hz up to 200hz, all of which can be suitable for different environments.

What are the best subwoofer brands to buy? 

At Videopro, we stock a range of the world’s leading brands of subwoofers at the most competitive prices. From Bowers & Wilkins to Audio Pro, our store will offer you a choice of the best subwoofers on the market. 

How do I choose the right subwoofer for my needs? 

The size of your subwoofer will depend on the capabilities of your sound system and the quality of the sound you are aiming for in your home. Contact us to discuss your sound requirements and get the right advice from our expert team to buy the perfect subwoofer to suit your needs.