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Drones Australia

Discover the best range of drones in Australia by shopping from our selection of top quality devices at Videopro. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby on the weekends or you’re preparing to capture aerial shots for a professional shoot, we carry a variety of different drones to suit a range of needs. From compact options to single-rotor devices and many more, we’ve got everything covered at Videopro. To find out more about our products or to ask a question, be sure to get in touch with one of our experienced customer service team members by calling 1300 VIDEOPRO today. 


What are the different types of drones available?

If you’ve decided to buy a drone, you may be figuring out what kind of models and styles are available. When browsing our range of drones at Videopro, you’ll be able to discover products that fit into the following four different categories — fixed-wing, single-rotor helicopter, multi-rotor and fixed-wing hybrid VTOL.

What should I consider when buying a drone?

Whether you’re looking to purchase the top quality drone in Australia, a cheap drone or a drone to film in 4K, it’s important to have a clear idea about how you’ll be using your new product before making a decision. Some of the considerations to take into account are whether you want to buy a cheap drone in Australia for hobby purposes or find a product suitable for professional filming. You’ll also need to consider flying time, materials used, the range of the device, camera quality, navigation functionality and charging functionality. Making sense of the different products and features can be a little overwhelming as a beginner — so be sure to reach out to someone from our Videopro team who will be able to offer further assistance.

What are the best drone brands in Australia?

When it comes to finding the best drone brands, you’ll discover a range of the best in market products at Videopro. We carry Mavic drones, Yuneec drones and DJI drones in Australia when shopping from our collection of quality devices. We are constantly updating our stock with the latest releases and are equipped to help a variety of customers find the right drone for their needs.