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Camera Bags, Cases and Backpacks

Shop our wide range of camera bags, cases and backpacks online today.

If you're serious about purchasing the right equipment and want to protect your investment, you should consider buying professional camera bags or cases. These come in various sizes and configurations to suit every shooting style and align with your requirements.

If you're searching for the best camera bags in Australia, consider a Manfrotto camera bag. Or, if you're heading into the wilderness, what about Lowepro camera bags? Also, if you ever need to ship your equipment and want to protect your camera, a hard case is an excellent investment for extra peace of mind.

While shooting rainy scenes produces great visuals, moisture and camera equipment do not mix. When running between locations or general storage, ensure you get a waterproof camera case to prepare for every shoot location and eventuality. With a waterproof camera case, you can keep your equipment dry while searching for that perfect shot opportunity.

Professional camera cases and bags are also perfect for carrying around your accessories. Look for bags that can fit all your batteries, chargers or power supplies. And if you have any more questions, reach out to us through our online chat facility. Alternatively, call us toll-free on 1300 VIDEOPRO, and our knowledgeable associates will assist you right away.


Can I use any bag as a camera bag?

While you can make do with some other solutions, it makes sense to choose a purpose-made camera bag to look after your valuable equipment. With their padded, compartmentalised interiors, you can secure and protect delicate lenses and equipment for the long term.

You may be able to get away with a standard backpack, but as this is not custom-made for the job, you may find it difficult to access your equipment, and it could take you longer to change lenses. So, get a camera bag backpack instead.

What are the most popular camera bag and case brands?

Nikon has a waterproof backpack with a 20 L capacity for cameras and gear. It has a zippered front pocket for accessories and a fold-down top designed to protect from inclement weather. Nikon also has a popular semi-soft case that can hold your D500. It provides good protection for everyday use and dust infiltration.

Is a camera bag worth it?

As you gain more experience, you’ll inevitably collect more gadgets and equipment to fuel your photography business or hobby. A dedicated DSLR camera bag is the perfect option to centralise and keep your gear within easy reach. Even if you only have a small kit to start with, think of buying a small shoulder bag designed for the job.

How to choose a camera bag?

When looking for a new camera bag, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Figure out how you will use the bag and what you'll be shooting, and remember, pick a product that will make your job easier. If you've got a lot of gear and fly from place to place, you might need a rolling bag that you can treat as carry-on luggage. If you're shooting in the great outdoors, you probably want something rugged and ready for anything to afford you the proper level of protection.