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Video Conferencing Equipment

Upgrade your online meetings with video conferencing equipment from Videopro. From conference cameras to conference audio systems, we stock a wide range of video conferencing equipment that you can fit into any office, boardroom or meeting room. 

Showcase your slides using an interactive panel or show the whole team with an HD webcam. Whether you work from home or want to collaborate better with your remote team, we’re sure to have the gear you need. 

Video Conferencing Systems Designed to Suit Any Room

At Videopro, we have a wide range of video conferencing equipment to make viewers feel like they’re in the room with you. Our carefully-curated selection only includes world-renowned brands whose quality speaks for itself. Browse through our range of video conferencing systems today! 


What essential video conferencing equipment should everyone have?

Whether you’re working from home or making sure the meeting room has all the necessary equipment, all video conferencing systems should include at least a camera and a microphone. Having these can ensure that everyone attending is seen and heard clearly. 

What do I need for home video conferencing?

For your meetings on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it’s essential to have at least a camera and a microphone. Most laptops come with these, but if you want to upgrade how you look and sound, it’s better to have dedicated equipment.

What video conferencing equipment do I need for large rooms?

Video conferencing systems for larger rooms require more equipment compared to home setups. A higher-end camera is required to see everyone in the room, while a microphone that catches sound even from a distance is essential. Some meeting rooms may also opt for video bars or video conference peripherals such as a transmitter or expansion microphone.

How do I choose the right video conferencing equipment?

Choosing the right system requires a thorough evaluation of your needs. For instance, do you want to Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) with your own devices or set up your home office with a high-end video conferencing system? With BYOM, you’ll have to ensure your equipment is portable, but if you intend to set up a room, you can go with gear that is wall-mounted.