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Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras are extremely versatile and can be used to capture high-quality imagery in different situations. They are great for monitoring open areas outside and can easily be operated by a remote controller. PTZ security cameras can be integrated into a larger surveillance system and set up for motion-based tracking. They also have autofocus capability, which means they will always produce a clear picture and automatically adjust while tilting, panning or zooming.

Some PTZ cameras can be connected to an IP network so that you can view or control them via a mobile device or computer on the same network. You can connect them with a range of other tools for smart videoconferencing.

PTZ pro cameras are ideal for video production where camera operators are either space angle of view or budget does not allow for multiple camera operators. They are relatively compact, unobtrusive and can be mounted to ceilings and walls or even to tripods to meet your system’s needs. If you're thinking about buying PTZ cameras for streaming applications, you need to consider a PTZ controller, zoom requirements required resolution as well as the PTZ camera's signal feed and path and the switcher you are sending the signal to.

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What is a PTZ camera?

PTZ cameras are robotic video cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom, allowing the operator to control the position and movement of the lens from a remote location. This can generate a higher image quality without pixelation, and the solutions are ideal in various applications.

What are the different types of PTZ cameras?

There are various types of PTZ cameras that provide different capabilities to serve your needs — they are:

  • 4K PTZ cameras are designed primarily for high end video production, where signal quality is more important than the capacity to stream.
  • HD PTZ cameras are generally used primarily where streaming is important.

How do I choose the right smart PTZ camera in Australia?

Consider how your product meets the needs and wants of your end-user. Think about the distance from the camera to determine the field of view and zoom ranges. Consider  the type of signal feed you require, HDMI (up to 8M), HD-SDI (up to 80m) and NDI/HX which can give you very high quality images at low latency over a LAN, can generally support POE+ and control signals, allowing only one cable needing to be plugged into the camera head.

What is the difference between a PTZ and IP camera?

An IP camera is generally static and is used primarily for video conferencing. A PTZ camera allows for panning, tilt and zoom control (with an appropriate controller ) for greater flexibility.

Which PTZ camera is best for streaming or liver production recording?

BirdDog make a great range of products that work well for these types of applications.