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Millie & Margot

Millie is a Brisbane born and raised photographer who has just made the leap into the industry. She has always been passionate in capturing life in all its beauty and has decided to finally pick up a camera and do it properly!

Her favourite things to capture are family portraits, pets, animals and all things lifestyle. Her goal in this journey is to be able to capture individuals and families in a way that showcases their love and happiness, which is something they may not always be able to recognise in their everyday life. To be able to capture that exact moment for a lifetime, and provide her clients with a gallery they can forever cherish is something that brings her great joy and fulfilment.

Millie loves capturing candid photos in beautiful landscapes, whether that be the beach, a park or a forest. There is much more for Millie to learn, and she loves that everyone in the industry is so willing to help and educate. She has enjoyed every step of the way so far and can’t wait to see where this journey takes her throughout the years.

Millie currently shoots with a Canon M50 MII but is saving her pennies for a 5D Mark IV with a range of different lenses.

Follow Millie at:
Instagram: @millieandmargotphotography
Facebook: Millie & Margot Photography

Danielle Bleach
Danielle Bleach