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Digital Signage

Digital signage has become a trending topic across the AV industry in recent years. There are a myriad of reasons why more and more businesses are looking into how digital signage can benefit them.

For many years, digital signage has been utilised most prominently for advertising. Large, eye-catching, brightly lit signs that can deliver key information at a glance are the perfect vehicle for advertisements in the modern era. Dynamic billboards on the side of the road, messaging inside shopping centres, etc. While this isn’t a new concept, the development of digital signage and commercial panel technology now makes it more affordable and accessible than ever before.

It has become a simple and easy way to add wow factor and personalisation to any location and the various applications of digital signage make it a versatile solution for so many organisations. In some instances, digital signage can even work out to be a more cost-effective solution long term.

For example, cafés and restaurants can now display menus digitally, allowing for instant updates. Instead of having to reprint large paper or vinyl signage, they can simply log in to an administrator console and update their digital assets. This is perfect if they have a seasonal menu or don’t want to advertise an out-of-stock item. The same goes for retailers promoting different products or discounts throughout the year.

Schools and university campuses can display key messaging to students along with upcoming events, extra-curricular opportunities, classroom names and availability, emergency evacuation or lockdown instructions and much more.

Digital signage has become such a phenomenon due to its advantages over traditional print media. Instead of only being able to show a single static image, there is now the option to display dynamic, custom content including videos, motion graphics, countdown timers and even audio.

Digital signage also offers flexibility that print media simply can’t. Most solutions can be controlled from a central administrator console allowing IT or marketing departments to easily roll out new campaigns or messages remotely to all screens throughout a building or campus, just with a few quick clicks.

There are also a variety of touch-screen options on the market allowing for greater interactivity between customer and technology.

It is important to understand that commercial panels are not like regular TVs. They are designed to be reliable over a long lifespan, running for the majority of the day at an efficiency. Some panels also offer energy-saving measures to ensure they can be as eco-conscious as possible. Choosing the right commercial panel for your organisation’s needs is essential. Let one of our expert team members help you find the best solution by contacting us today!