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Home Theatre

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Home Theatre & Surround Sound Systems

Complete your home theatre setup with a quality surround sound system from Videopro. With a collection of leading brands making up the bulk of our range, you can trust Videopro to provide you with the ultimate home theatre sound system to take your home cinema setup to the next level in sound quality.

The Best Home Theatre Packages in the Country

Home theatre systems can come in a range of quality levels, but our collection offers you some of the best surround sound options for your home theatre that are available in the Australian market. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing to ensure that you can get the kind of quality home entertainment system you need to support a superior cinematic experience.

Shop Online with Videopro

Whether it’s an all-in-1 home surround sound system, AV receivers or speakers that you are looking for, shopping online with Videopro has never been easier. We offer free delivery to certain locations and other affordable delivery alternatives. So if you can’t visit one of our 3 southeast Queensland stores, you can still find the best home theatre systems on the market in one easily accessible place. Shop online with Videopro today for the best surround sound system for your home theatre. 


How do I choose the right home theatre system for my home?

Whether you choose to shop online or in-store, our team are the experts in choosing the right surround sound system for your home. Visit our stores to chat with our team in person or contact us online so that we can help guide you to the home entertainment system that is perfect for you.

Are home theatre systems worth it?

Choosing surround sound for your home theatre only works to improve your cinematic experience. Though a theatre can be created without one, a surround sound system will ultimately improve your viewing experience.

Which brands have the best home theatre systems?

We stock a wide range of international brands that offer quality home theatre systems. Choose the brand that offers all the features you need within your specified budget to find the right one for you.