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Coolum State School | Audio Visual Case Study

Videopro completed an audio visual upgrade at Coolum State School, a Sunshine Coast primary school with just over 1000 students from Prep to Year Six. The staff at Coolum were looking for a new interactive panel solution to deploy across the school to help support their pedagogy.

Videopro assisted Coolum State School in trialing a number of interactive panels from different brands to ensure they selected the most suitable panel for their teaching methods and practices. They determined SMART Boards to be the best solution for their needs and engaged Videopro to complete the installation. The project was completed in three stages, with 15 panels in each. There are now 45 new SMART Board MX interactive displays at Coolum State School throughout their classrooms and GLAs, either wall-mounted or on a trolley.

The SMART Board solution has enabled the teachers at Coolum State School to engage their students in new and innovative ways. The SMART Lumio platform has significantly benefited the way that their students can collaborate from their own devices, i.e. iPads. By running interactive games, paired activities, shared whiteboards and pop quizzes through the Lumio platform, teachers are able to see real benefits to the engagement and learning of their students. Lumio can also analyse data collected in these activities and provide insights to teachers on where their students may be struggling and inform future lesson planning.

A major benefit of the SMART Boards is that teachers are able to incorporate them into their lessons in a way that suits themselves and their students no matter their technical skill level. The platform is intuitive and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of teaching methods.

“The curriculum is the lyrics, the music is our pedagogical approach and everyone needs to write different music. The lyrics don’t change but what we need to do is write a song that reaches every single student. So, the digital technology aligned with other pedagogical approaches writes beautiful music.”

Anthony Ryan, Principal of Coolum State School.