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The only wireless screen mirroring and digital signage tool designed for education. Join over 950 schools, 38,000 classrooms, and 250,000 students and teachers.


Watch your support tickets go down.

As an IT administrator, you’re the air traffic controller of your school with centralised management. Connect directly to your user database through LDAP and SAML, bulk configure and update, and control emergency broadcasts and digital signage. For one display in one room, or 10,000 displays across 10 campuses.

  • Bulk configure & updates
  • Guest access controls
  • Usage analytics.


Bring clarity to your classroom.

In a Vivi classroom, teachers can roam and engage with the display and the students from anywhere, enhancing student engagement. Create a more dynamic learning space, involve your students, and own your classroom. Vivi works with literally every device and display and it’s easy to use.

  • Digital signage.
  • Live broadcast.
  • Emergency alerts.


The most used secret in education.

Students can share their work (with teacher permission), prompting immediate feedback where they benefit from student-centric lessons that are more interactive and empowering. Up to four students can share their work to a display at a time, to compare and contrast different approaches.

  • Direct video.
  • Polls & feedback.
  • Screenshot & annotation.

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