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Logi Dock Flex

Days in the office are more productive and enjoyable when we spend them with our favourite coworkers. Promote onsite work with Logi Dock Flex, a managed docking station that enables easy and personalised desk booking for employees and simple device management for IT. A multi-purpose dock that can easily be integrated and managed with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Workspace Reservation or Logitech’s own desk booking service for a simple and consistent user experience.

Logitech’s desk booking enables employees to easily find and reserve desks, choose desks near coworkers, and notify colleagues when they’re coming to the office. Employees never have to guess which desk is free, occupied, or in between. The 8” screen clearly indicates desk status at a glance.

Understand and optimize your workplace

Logi Dock Flex makes it easy to manage shared desks, keep them up to date and ready to go, and gain insights about usage.

Automatic check-in

Employees easily check in to their desk booking by plugging in their laptop. This also grants them access to all desk peripherals.

Gather accurate data

Logi Dock Flex tracks when employees plug in, so you can accurately keep track of office usage for better space planning.

Keep devices connected and running

Get notified right away if a device is disconnected or goes missing so you can resolve problems quickly.

Logi Dock Flex has all the ports you need. Attach up to two monitors with HDMI and DisplayPort. Attach peripherals with three IT-managed USB ports and Ethernet for security. There are also three front-facing USB ports for users.

  1. Power/Reset Button
  2. Power
  3. USB-C Upstream 100W
  4. HDMI
  5. DisplayPort
  6. USB-C (USB 3.1)
  7. Gigabit Ethernet
  8. Cable Retention Key
  9. Cable Retention
  10. USB-A (USB 3.1)
  11. Kensington Security Slot

Logi Dock Flex is coming in 2023.

Feature support may vary by provider.