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Ultra Short Throw Data Projectors

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Ultra Short Throw Projectors

We have a great range of ultra short throw projectors. Whether you are buying a new ultra short throw projector for your home or office, you are sure to find a model that is perfect for your needs in our collection. All of the projectors on this page can be picked up at one of our Brisbane stores or easily shipped nationwide.


How does an ultra short throw projector differ from a regular projector?

An ultra short throw projector differs from a regular projector in one important way — it is designed to be placed flush with the screen onto which it is projecting. This means there’s no danger of people walking in between the projector and the screen and blocking what’s being projected.

How do ultra short throw projectors work?

A standard projector sends light directly through its lens to the screen it’s projecting onto. For this reason, standard projectors need to be placed some distance away from the screen. An ultra short throw projector directs the light it emits onto a mirror (a reflector), which then reflects the light onto the screen. Because of the way they work, ultra short throw projectors are usually devoid of zoom functionality. This means that you need to position them carefully so the images they project match the size of the screen you are using. However, this is not a difficult task, and once they are in position, they are very easy to use.

What type of screen do you need for an ultra short throw projector?

Ultra short throw projectors need to project onto a solid surface such as a wall or whiteboard or screen that has side tensioning, they do not work well with pulldown screens or portable screens unless these have side tensioning. 

When purchasing an ultra short throw projector, you should consider investing in a CLR (ceiling light rejecting) screen. You will find a selection of quality projector screens and accessories in our online store.