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Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are used for more than just basic tasks. From watching videos and photography to graphic design work and playing video games, monitors are an essential part of our work and leisure time. 

At Videopro, we carry some of the latest models and the most reliable computer monitors in Australia. Find durable and high-quality monitors for computers from well-known brands like LGSamsungBenQ and Acer from our online store.

A wide selection of top-drawer PC monitors

Whether you’re looking to add a second monitor to your work-from-home setup, ready to add more computer monitors at work or simply need to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. 

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What are the different types of computer monitors?

Most manufacturers make one of four types of computer monitors:

  1. Liquid crystal display (LCD)
  2. Light emitting diode (LED)
  3. Organic light emitting diode (OLED)
  4. Plasma display panel, or plasma (PDP)

LEDs and OLEDs are considered to be the most advanced types, offering the sharpest images and the most vivid of colours. Their contrast ratios are considered the highest in the industry, with OLEDs boasting an infinite ratio to give you a perfectly dark screen, should you need it.

What are the best computer monitors for photographers?

Generally, photographers would need a monitor that provides a broad colour range for any kind of photo editing or design work.

Other factors you’d want to consider when choosing ideal computer monitors for photography work include:

  1. Resolution – Your images become clearer and more detailed with a higher resolution.
  2. Size – Bigger is better as these monitors will allow you to see your image in all its beauty and glory.
  3. Colour display – Make sure they cover at least 90% of sRGB and 70% of Adobe RGB spectrum.

What are the best monitors for a home office?

The best computer monitors in Australia for a home office setup will depend on the type of work you do. If you’re mostly writing or working with basic processes, a screen with a 1440p resolution with typical HDMI or DisplayPort connectivity is a practical choice.

If you do heavy photo-editing or graphic design work, pick a PC monitor with 4K resolution and possibly higher connectivity specs. Remember, some monitors won’t be compatible with certain high-end gaming systems.

Talk to our specialists today to get help in choosing the right computer monitor for your needs.